Seminars & Workshops

Woodfish Institute Seminars and Workshops

Following are seminars and workshops that Dr. Leslie Gray can present on behalf of Woodfish Institute:

    • Shamanic Counseling
    • Ecopsychology
    • Shamanism and Ecopsychology
    • Non-ordinary States of Consciousness and Native American Culture
    • All Our Relations: Native American Approaches to Healing the Human/NatureRelationship
    • The Healing Power of Shamanic Art
    • Turning the Wheel: An Ancient and Contemporary Model for Balancing Power
    • Stone Circles: Teachings and Shamanic Practices of Native North America
    • Woman as Shaman: Balance Restored
    • Native American Medicine
    • Native American Psychology
    • Cross-Cultural Healing
    • Cross-Cultural Shamanism
    • Shamanism and the Frontiers of Consciousness

Please contact Dr.Gray for more information.