Woodfish Prize

The Woodfish Prize is a joint award of one thousand dollars to two people , one indigenous

North American (Native American) and the other Euroamerican (European North American),

for co-creating a transpersonal social action project that is mutually transforming. A one page

(or 500 word maximum) description (typed, 3 hardcopies) of an existing or proposed project

must be identified as "Woodfish Prize Application", and submitted to:

Association for Transpersonal Psychology, attention: Dan Coffman
P.O. Box 50187
    Palo Alto, CA 94303

by July 15.

The prize is announced by September 15 of the same year, but is only awarded in years when

there is a submission which fully meets the criteria in the description.

A sample of an award winning project description:

Woodfish Prize: 2001 Recipients