Indigenous Worldview & Shamanic Counseling

with Leslie Gray, PhD
September 10 - 11, 2016

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Portland, OR

Still Moving Yoga

Shamanic counseling is a method of adapting indigenous healing practices to modern urban circumstances in an effective and vital way. Dr. Gray created this hybrid by blending her extensive training in Western psychology with her years of learning from her Native American elders and from traditional healers on several continents.

Topics covered include:
  • Review of fundamentals
  • Expanded journeys: traversing the realms
  • Preparation of the healer and the healing space
  • Preparation of the person seeking healing
  • Listening and seeing shamanically
  • Case studies and case consultation with the spirits
  • Feedback and getting results
  • Incorporation of power objects into the healing
  • The Wheel of Life in individual healing

$300 | $345 after June 15 | Includes lunch


Qualifies for a Level I certificate.

Questions: (503) 757-2281.

Private sessions with Leslie are available on Friday, September 9th.
Contact Lynea to schedule: or (503) 757-2281